Week Nine: Meditations on Opposites


An important characteristic of the way people learn is by experiencing opposites, and often the opposites create duality rather than promoting a unified viewpoint of life. Some people like hot weather and some people like cold, for example. And as soon as we develop a preference towards one or the other, we invest in that choice at the expense of its opposite. Suddenly our preference becomes our team, and we root for it in hopes that it will be victorious. If it was up to the hot weather people the world would be 80 degrees, whereas the cold weather people would be wishing for ice and snow.

For the journeyer on the path of meditation, learning from the dynamic of the opposites, rather than choosing one over the other, lifts the mind and intelligence towards unity. Unifying opposites also trains the critical mind to give up attachment to one point of view and become more open to many. These meditations, if practiced regularly, will benefit you by softening the judgmental nature of your mind and enhancing your intuitive gifts.


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