Week Eight: Meditations on Attributes


When asked to describe a person, place, or thing, we often respond by listing attributes. They might be physical, they might be emotional, they might be fanciful, but the common ground is that they are all attributes. For example, every human being has a nose, but we often ascribe attributes such as size or shape which help us to describe and thereby know it.

In meditation, the use of attributes is very important. We aim to know that which is universal in all of us by experiencing the attributes which are found to greater or lesser degrees in each human being. By focusing our attention on these attributes, we enhance them.

The following meditations focus our consciousness on the attributes within us that are directly relevant to the way we view and experience life. By focusing on them, we make them knowable, stronger and relevant. As we make the universe a reality in our lives, it makes us an awakened part of itself.


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