Week Six: Meditations on the Ideal


From childhood onward, human beings learn and grow by aspiring towards an ideal. We idealize actors, sports figures, politicians, authors, and business people, but we reserve our highest adulation for the great servants of humanity. Whether these people are famous or completely unknown, they have overcome self-interest and replaced it with love for their human family. Some are healers, spiritual teachers, awakeners, harmonizers and simple care givers. These are the people who are proud in God rather than proud in ego.

In the following meditations, a visual ideal that represents the greater good found in the depths of every human being is offered as a symbol of concentration. Focusing on the felt sense as well as the visual impression of the different visages will allow a shift in consciousness to occur. These faces represent a powerful current that runs through human history. As our ideal grows in stature, so does our own being.


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