Week Three: Meditations on Nature


Nature is a great holy scripture that can inspire the soul of human beings. It is a wonderful teacher of harmony and cycles — life and death, action and repose, limitation and freedom — and the ever changing yet always repetitive nature of life.

Many indigenous peoples absorb the mysteries of nature and use them in prayer and meditation. Today, in cultures where so many live separate from nature or have an experience of nature that is manufactured or artificial, we have lost this outer connection. By meditating on the symbols and ways of nature, we reconnect with the primal need in human beings to experience that which is vaster, older and more powerful than ourselves.

Thousands of years ago, beautiful places in nature became temples and shrines. Those memories still exist in the subtle minds of each of us and can be rekindled by nature meditations. As you practice these meditations, a feeling of connectedness with the planet will hopefully emerge.


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