Abrahamic Reunion

The Abrahamic Reunion is a team of religious & spiritual leaders – men, women, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, & Druze – dedicated to uplifting human consciousness and building peace in the Holy Land by opening hearts to the love and wisdom of all spiritual traditions.

Founded in 2004, The Abrahamic Reunion has been to two Parliaments Of The Worlds’ Religions as featured presenters, and has convened inter-religious peacemaking dinners every year since 2004. During the 50-Day Gaza War of 2014, AR leaders decided to begin organizing one event every month to bring more people together to fuel the causes of tolerance, amity, understanding, and harmonious coexistence.

The Abrahamic Reunion seeks to be a living example of our values and beliefs; to find and support other spiritual peace makers and organizations; to provide training for those interested in spiritual peacemaking; and to create and implement interfaith programs, celebrations, youth activities and other educational initiatives.