Week Ten: Meditations on Sound


The format this week will differ from other weeks in that these meditations require you to produce a sound and to use that sound for inner awakening. If you are in an environment where you cannot comfortably voice the sound, you can use your imagination to inwardly create the sound. However, it is more effective to actually make the physical sound.

In making the sound aloud, don’t be concerned with proper pronunciation, but instead with listening to whatever sound is produced. It is also important to place the vibration of the sound in the area of the body as directed. For some, this will be an actual physical experience, for others a subtle, ethereal experience. The emphasis must be on experiencing rather than expectation or desire to “get it right.”

Cautions: These exercises are not to be done while driving. The weekend practice is best done at home in quiet. If you feel dizzy or lightheaded, stop wherever you are in the cycle, breathe a little deeper, and when comfortable, begin again, shortening the time that you hold each sound.

The goal is not necessarily to do the full number of repetitions, as if you were lifting weights, but rather to experience moments of transformative energy. In this series of meditations, the person who is deeply affected after two or three repetitions gains greatly, whereas the person who pushes to complete the prescribed number might be only strengthening the ego. A very delicate balance between sensitivity and will power is necessary.










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